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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Film Cos and Media Players

Like Lynchy, we've been trying all sorts of different upload/player sites to get something that is robust enough and reliable enough. Putfile.com never did work and was always down. There have been half a dozen others. We see CB has dumped it for You Tube. We may give that a go too. Any suggestions from bloggers on what you use that you like.

We've also noticed very different standards among NZ, Aussie and UK film cos for their own media players. Some are really wonky. Beam TV which Fish usec seerms to be good. Curious have a goodie, in house I suspect. BAM's is pretty flash. Some you'd think would be the business, like WK London, are actually pretty crap. Slow and fragile.
Again, any suggestions on which commercial ( in the business sense) player is the best?

Suispect the answer may be our own server. But for now...

Hunt ( not my real name )

nzcreativecircle it


Anonymous Shhhhh.....IT said...

You Tube works for me. Also, you see the TVC as part of the story (with a big screen) instead of a link to another site that may or may not work. Putfile works for me too but it has a crappy background full of all sorts of other shit that is not at all cool.

10:13 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone suggested helloworld.razorstream.com but I haven't checked it out yet. Have a look.

11:40 PM NZDT

Anonymous BK said...

Good morning to you creative bloggers.

Yes we do use beam.tv and we have our own inhouse system as well, but beam wins hands down (all 9 and a half fingers). We have over 875 tvc's and music vids up there now. Both mpegs and quicktimes.

Does cost though. You are supposed to pay everytime you upload something, but they do great yearly deals.

Churr da churr

11:45 AM NZDT


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