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Monday, September 05, 2005

PA shoots to kill

It's business as usual at DDB after a sneak attack by fanatical Colenso BBDO elements on Thursday. Under cover of broad daylight, using an improvised humour device, the naughty Colensoites covered up the DDB sign on the building's front entrance with another which said the agency had moved to College Hill. Confused couriers and more than a couple of DDB
staffers were seen scratching their heads before the darstardly plot was uncovered. It is believed another Colenso insurgent almost managed to breach the boss's inner sanctum but was shot eight times in the head by his PA, Sylvia. (Remarkably, all 8 bullets missed the Colenso perp's brain ). DDB is saying nothing about the incident, apart from muttering something about revenge being a dish best served cold - with lashings of dog poo.


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