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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rational Stuff

Point I was trying to make is that having talked to a few beer clients over the past couple of months, Warren’s lot set the bench mark with Tongue, which seemed to spark off a great ad from Danny’s lads at Clems, (Hahn) which then made VB get its act together and out of the blue comes Big Ad. Excellent. Tooheys client is reputed to be over the work it’s had from Nobby’s boys, so suddenly BMF have got a crack at the brief, (back to Tongue again and the follow up, Washing Machine) because guess what, Carlton Draught is killing Tooheys New in sales. It’s got to be easier to sell great work, when the competition’s only differentiating advantage over the brand you’re advertising is....great work.
Because most clients here are ‘followers’ rather than leaders, we just need one client to approve a piece of brave work, that then goes onto to sell more stuff, for the competition to follow. Let’s hope automotive’s next, eh?
There, feel better now.
Mark Lees


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