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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Grumpy of Hardy's Bay writes

Careful, all you anonymous ones. Without the trade press, who would know or
care about any of you sods, or your ads, or your awards, or who you were
seen with at lunch? No one would care, except the likes of Gapes and Lynchy.
Without AdMedia, your industry would be much poorer, and like you,
anonymous. You'd be totally lost without it. As CB is also getting slagged,
I have to point out a few things in our defence: Without CB, for example,
there would be no Kiwis invited to judge international awards like D&AD,
Cannes and Clio. And even your jury quota at AWARD was increased
considerably because of CB. (Although I suspect most of the anonymous ones
are even more pissed off, as their sort are never invited to judge overseas
shows. Or to the next CB Legendary Lunch for that matter, on December 8 at
Rocco's). Anyway, apologies for being grumpy, it's a wet day in Hardy's



Anonymous Lana said...

Can any one hook me up for the legendary lunch.

2:23 PM NZDT


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