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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Call for Nominations for Cannes Judges

Fairfax NZ is now calling for nomination entries for the 53rd Annual
Cannes Lions 2006 International Advertising Festival.

Fairfax is delighted to confirm next year's jury allocation for New
Zealand is 3 members!

- 1 Film Lions
- 1 Media Lions
- 1 Lions Direct

These are the most prestigious ad awards in the world! If you have a
calling to be a judge at these, have a creative or media background, are
well known and well awarded... send your biography, in 150 words or
to: sandra.king@fairfaxnz.co.nz. Include your name, your job title,
your company, your career, your awards by 30 November 2005. You will
know by January 2006 if you're "in"!!


This is actually for real - Ernie


Blogger lynchy said...

This is a joke, isn't it? How embarrassing for Mike O, or Richard Maddocks, or Duster to have to send in their "biography, in 150 words or less" to claim the Film Juror spot. You would think Fairfax would know better.

8:12 AM NZDT


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