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Tuesday, November 08, 2005



* Best derogatory comment posted under another creative's name
* Best defamation
* Best waste of space (This post would probably win gold)
* Best posting of a Texan web-portfolio
* Best use of anonymous bitching
* Best death by blog

Any others...?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best new category suggestion.

2:15 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the sort of subject matter one would expect to read in a teenage girl blogsite.

Why don't you ask us all what star signs we all are, who we think is the best boy band is, and why do parents -like- so totally suck.

2:27 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'who we think is the best boy band is' - that sort of grammar is probably more suited to the IHC blog, but whatever.

2:37 PM NZDT

Anonymous hamfister said...

Some of my favourite sites are teenage girl ones.

2:40 PM NZDT

Anonymous Gluefister said...

I know they're your favourite sites, I go on your computer during the weekends.

2:46 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correcting someone's grammar is the sort of reply more suited to the 'Why I Always Miss the Point' blog.

2:48 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you go on his computer during weekends.

I take PXTs of you doing it.

2:51 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No... taking this subject seriously as opposed to a comment on the current state of this blogsite is more suited to the 'Why I Always Miss the Point' blog, but once again, whatever.

2:55 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Telling people what they should and shouldn't comment on is more suited to the "Why I am a Felcher" blogsite.

3:07 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People that think I'm telling people what to comment on should stick to the "My dad sucks cock for crack" blogsite

3:23 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

... and don't knock felching till you've tried it

3:29 PM NZDT

Anonymous Hillman Hunter said...

It's simple really. You're all useless, cretinous, morons.

Now with that settled, it's time for a glass of warm milk and a beat off.

3:34 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just been to photo gallery on the Why My Dad Sucks Cock for Crack blogsite.

Your father has wonderful skin for a man his age.

3:44 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to a senior suit at my work who is completely useless. I think he enjoys unselling ideas. Well 'fucking' done.

3:48 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's not a hard site to locate when it's the only thing in your favourites list

3:49 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I know that suit. It's strange, he seems to work at every agency in town

3:52 PM NZDT

Anonymous The Suit's Singlet said...

Crazy thought I know, but maybe it is just that it is your work that sucks?

5:54 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bold statement in this environment

6:23 PM NZDT

Anonymous smartypants said...

Creatives should sell their own work.
Suits should stick to selling their asses.

10:28 AM NZDT


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