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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who did Suzuki?

Audible sighs of relief, this wasn't done in NZ... it was the work of
Nexus/h ( London) and is... (gulp) a global campaign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought it smacked of Australia.

2:34 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In today's AdMedia What's New, there were a bunch of Promotus people falling over each other to claim credit. How odd. But the prod company and producer were "Overseas". Did they slip in a local shot or what, and anyway, why are they putting it in What's New? It should be going in What's Pooh...

1:20 PM NZDT

Anonymous mister toyota said...

why do these iriots copy are ad?

such clap soundtlack to.

2:22 PM NZDT


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