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Monday, November 28, 2005

Young Guns

Silver Bullets

TV Monaco/Playboy - Pool - Guy Rooke
Radio L&P - Pashing -0 Mike Knight, Josh Lancaster, Tome Paine
Outdoor Book Council - Keep Reading - Tim Huse, Guy Rooke
Maverick Mini Manhole - Maria Lishman, Joe Morrison


TV L&P - Stubbies - Josh Lancaster
TV Camp. Monaco/Playboy - Heff - Guy Rooke
Outddor NZ Bloodservice - Up/Down - Karl Fleet, Derrick Kim
Cyber NZ Army - Force 9 Rifle - Brian Merrifield
Direct Liquid - waterglass Orchestra - Maria Lishman

New Zealand came 4th in the Universe. Pretty good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we need The Young Guns Awards? There was a bit of a backlash on the campaign Brief blog:

"It's a money-making scheme, nothing more or less. Show me an awards show in the world that discriminates against young creatives, or a decent agency that does likewise, and I'll take it back. We're the last industry in the world that needs an awards show with a youth focus. Pointless." - Anon

Organizators are not serious.
They don't have jury president.
Still they didn't announce the winners. If I'm wrong someone must prove it."

I agree... I will never take part of it anymore"

"Totally disagree. Young Guns, although not recognised as one of the big ones, is still a credible show and the informality of it all (no jury president and a late release of results) only confirms that it's fun, cheeky, and young"

"Where is Trevor Beattie? He was going to chair to the jury. Why he didn't come? Is there any explanation about that? No. Because you're young creatives, you deserve a cheeky small award but not a an explanation. Can you imagine if David Droga cancels his presidentship on Cannes nobody will talk about it from the festivals? This is the difference"

8:41 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems the english as a second language brigade are quite miffed. Some of them are even threatening to never take part of it anymore. I blame the organizators myself. Bastards to a man.

10:02 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we need the Young Guns Awards?

What sort of question is that? Why not shut down every award in the world and just have one universal gong.

What a load of shite.

Young Guns is a great show that rewards upcoming talent.

Maybe I should start the Rigor Mortis Awards for aging hacks 50+.

Or maybe the award for bitter losers who have been in the industry the longest without winning an award.

Maybe then you'd stop complaining.

9:26 AM NZDT


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