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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lest We Forgetâ„¢

At precisely 2pm Thursday afternoon ( mid-way through the legendary lunch at Rocco) the industry will observe a minute's silence in memory of all the truly legendary work that didn't make it this year - due to fear, foolishness or marketing department relocation.

Following the minute of silence, Bugler Michael Lynch will sound the Last Post and bells will ring out all over the city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, that's pretty funny, you should be a creative.

9:40 PM NZDT

Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

Media advises the minute will now be running as 4 x 15".

7:51 AM NZDT

Anonymous jello Biafra said...

Lets bring along a nerdy client to pick. The sort that says "Moving forward" a lot.

8:46 AM NZDT

Anonymous Vid Sicious said...

Can we also have a special version for the Wairarapa that is more farm-centric eg "a pastoral minute of silence brought to you by New Zealand's most trusted silence provider"

9:23 AM NZDT

Anonymous rod pounder said...

In particular, the Export Gold Thirstbusters deserves a minute's silence for the tragic death of an idea caught on film.

9:35 AM NZDT


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