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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

55 sleeps until Axis goes to bed

To all of you starting work again on Wednesday 4 January, Happy Old Year ; you have approximately 55 days to get those bottom-drawer ideas out and up before the Axis 2005 year closes off at the end of February 2006. By which we mean, if it hasn't run by Feb 28, you must wait til next year for your gong.

This is historically a productive time of the year for creatives to get good stuff happening due to low workloads and the general happy post-holiday mindset.

Note: If we are wrong about the close-off date for the 26th Axis Awards we are sure one of the nice people at CAANZ will let us know post haste. (It's hard to tell details from their site where everything but the actual Awards presentation date is still marked TBC.)



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