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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back Lynchy in the battle of the Blogs

Campaignbrief.blogspot.com is a contender in Battle of the Blogs, a global ad blog contest organised by ad-rag.com, a site many of you will probably be members of already. It's kind of the eBay of blogs from what I can see, with about 900 or so people online at any one time. Rather hugse and very smooth.

Go check it out:



Vote for your faves - a very slick app takes you through all the categories, takes a while to do but it's interesting.

And unlike the Aussie Rugby Union when it came to the crunch in the World Cup bunfight, maybe you could give your vote to the Australians. Lynchy's done enough favours for  all of us.


Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

More: Campaignbrief.blogspot.com is actually a contender in the hotly contested 'ad blogs not from the US' or 'ad bogs from outside the US' or ' unAmerican ad blogs' or something like that, from memory. Go check it out, anyway.

10:17 PM NZDT


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