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Sunday, January 15, 2006


We have heard that the Advertising Police have raised the Scam Alert Threat Level ( SATL)from Yellow to Orange. This is based on unspecified intelligence picked up by monitoring services in the past 48 hours. ☝


Update: A scam has apparently been detected, the rumours are true, and when the facts are thoroughly checked they will be posted on the blog. Sorry for the delay, but sometimes it's important to have ones facts right. Even when soeone's been potted doing something really cunty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. Nice one.

7:59 PM NZDT

Anonymous AP said...

This is not a drill buddy

12:43 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick, alert Gary Larson!

12:34 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, um, how many sauce packets for the landmine campaign were actually printed?

1:44 PM NZDT

Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

2006 is the International Year of War on Scam. Watch this blogspace


1:59 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very noble cause but it warrants the question:

How does one differentiate scam from non-scam?

Surely it will prove difficult to formulate a consistent yard-stick for measuring what has traditionally been an inconsistent phenomenon.

2:07 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick Mojo, burn everything.

4:22 PM NZDT


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