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Sunday, January 22, 2006

How do you top Grrrrr?

Like this.Nice.

Update: Well we like this ad. Interesting ( in a disturbing way) to see what is being written about it on the CB blog as we speak, so over to them for an update:

(Live - from campaignbrief.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Is this serious?? I mean really, this is actually sscraping the realms of shithouse quite deeply. They actually think consumers will go for this? Just another self important vanity project.

Sweet jesus what a waste of $$, ut full credit to the agency wankers that talked them into it


(continued in comments)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fucking shit, and I don't care how many awards it might pull in on the back of cog and grrr. One of the biggest wanks I think I've ever seen. Fuck me dead, what a waste of human endevour. But still, the CD's rationale was really funny. Oh yes... normal people are spending their days thinking about the sound a biro makes as it rolls across their dashboard..

12:27 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow - you people are angry bitches. i agree it's nowhere near their usual standard, but you sound as though somebody has raped your grandmother.

they tried. they didn't pull it off. at wieden we were told to swing for the fences. ie. hit a home run or strike out. getting to second base is boring.

sadly this time they struck out. hopefully the next ad will be as brilliant as the other honda stuff.

i assume your ads are as good as grrr, cog etc and you apply the same criteria to your sweet selves?

12:29 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, so you need a Cannes Grand Prix on your CV in order to critique an ad now do you? Guess that means we'd better shut down this blog, 'cos it's going to be pretty freaking quiet in here then.

For what it's worth, I think choir is a bloated mess, and (whilst an impressive bit of agency salesmanship) it's hard to imagine just how it got off the ground.

Cogs actually said something about Honda: they make cars that work fucking well... attention to detail, engineering, etc. But they did it so entertainingly and emotively, it was truly great. Grrr: again, it actually said something: we've made a diesel engine that's actually not shit, how good are we? But again, they did it in a totally fresh way. Magnificent.

But what the fuck is choir trying to tell us? Seriously, even at a brand level, what are people supposed to take out of this ad? That Honda is connected to drivers at a deep, subconsious level? That Honda 'gets' driving? Pfft.

It started off wrong, and that's where it ended up. And if an agency or a client is going to get heaped the sort of praise normally reserved for scientists who create stuff like the smallpox vaccine, just for making a wonderful ad (like cog) then they can fucking well wear some harsh criticism when they make something shitful like choir.

12:30 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's not quite as easy to hum along to as the grrr ad is it?
but there is no doubt, this ad will be spoofed within a matter of days

12:30 AM NZDT

Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

And that's all we've got time for. You can record your thoughts on this thread or on the main page of nzc.

Thanks to campaignbrief.blogspot.com for feeding us this this live, advertising discussion.

12:32 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idiots it's about the beautiful sounds a Honda Civic makes. And things that make a beautiful sound are generally pretty well made.

And when you think abut the fact that one of the reasons people buy Porsche, Harleys and Pod filters is the sound they make then you'll realise that sound is relevant.

It also has absolute cut through as an ad etc etc.

With unbelievable cool factor especially when they beat box.

I think it's genius.

Josh moore

8:12 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with us down here? Maybe there's something in the water.
Do I think much of 'Choir'? Not really, especially compared to Cogs and Grrr, but hey, that doesn't mean that I'm gonna get angry, bitter and twisted about it, nor hate the guys who put it together.
There's also nothing wrong with critiquing an ad either, but some of what's being written in here is neither witty, helpful nor constructive, especially to our own future 'young guns'. Look around some of the other international industry blogs, I don't think you'll find one that oozes as much petty, small-minded, poisonous hatred as some of the posts on the NZ Creative Circle.
Perhaps some of our NZCC residents are just bitter that their own work doesn't get noticed overseas, nor deemed 'worthy' enough to even be commented upon and debated in forums.
I have friends overseas who have visited this blog purely to marvel at the amount of hate and venom that spews across some of the posts in here.
I know this doesn't apply to everyone who posts in NZCC, but Jeez, I think some people need to make an appointment with their doctor, get some 'chill pills', and find somewhere else to disseminate their 'hate messages' - maybe the walls of a public toilet?.

8:31 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woops - the last poster said:
"Look around some of the other international industry blogs, I don't think you'll find one that oozes as much petty, small-minded, poisonous hatred as some of the posts on the NZ Creative Circle".
OK, so perhaps in this instance, he / she should have said CB Blog instead of NZCC - but hey, I get their point - perhaps pure hatred applies to the Antipodes......

8:43 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That ad is fuckin mean.. what is everyone on about?
I loved it.. it made me smile
Love and kisses, Leighton

9:35 AM NZDT

Anonymous Mini said...


9:42 AM NZDT

Anonymous The Ost said...

I thought it was well done but a bit pretentious, I mean come on, it's only a Honda Civic, people buy that sort of car because it's safe and reliable don't they?

Still, good on them for trying to keep up the feel of the previous ads, and at least it wasn't a group of people driving along singing.

9:49 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with mini, 5/10.

Clever, fancy execution that is compelling to watch and (of course) listen to.

But weak on what it does for the brand. Cog beautifully said 'well engineered'. And Grrr is a fabulous expression of innovation from a green corporate philosophy.

This is just tricky car noise. If 'driving feeling' was the brief (as per CB quote), then that was a pretty dodgy place to start - especially for a Honda.

11:10 AM NZDT

Anonymous jay benjamin said...

Wow man. Some interesting comments. It's a beautiful ad that I wish I did. And it's going to sell a pile of Honda Civics.

Let me ask this. What did you think of Honda a few years ago and what do you think of them now. Even better, what did you think of a Honda Civic before this ad? Crap right? Seems like a pretty slick car now. Let's not forget what we do for a living.

Again, I wish I did it.


11:42 AM NZDT

Blogger darryl parsons said...

As a one off ad it's different from everyone elses so that automatically gives it a tick in my book. But as a stand alone ad I think it's just OK. But what it could do is set up a nice little ongoing campaign for CIVIC. You could do an ad for customising your new Honda where a guy asks a dealer for tyres that go "zzzhhhhhhhh" and not the ones that go "zzzzooooooooooo". Or you could do a Honda Service ad where one mechanic is going to another how the cam has got a slight "tupatupatupa" when it should be a "tupppatupppatuppa" etc. Could be interesting to do as press as well. But what the frick do I know.

2:22 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better than that car ad where they are removing sections of the road.

3:25 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah - but that Mitsi ad was made in Ozzie wasn't it? Perhaps in the outback, that's not a gag but reality ??

5:38 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pull your head out of your asses - the punters that drive Ford Mondeos and Honda Civics are travelling salespeople and midwives. they're certainly not an exciting breed of people. An Accord (cog) is a cool car for the businessman. An attrative deisel (grrrr) is another exciting proposition to the market , but the Honda Civic, alas, is an altogether different kettle of fish. It has about as much excitement as an Austin Allegro. I can understand a praticality line or a reliability line for the humble civic but sexing up the civic with a 2 minute wankathon about sounds misses the whole point of the car. It's never going to be another golf, it's not even a contender to take on a 206. It's like a mitsi mirage. It's a car for Mrs. Brown and her two kids. Do you really think Mr. and Mrs. Brown will get turned on by a 2 minute ad with a bunch of tossers singing sound effects. Bring back the sound effects guy from Police Academy. I would go as far to say that anyone who thinks this ad is worthy of being included in the 2006 D&AD annual seriously needs to test-drive a Civic.

8:48 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In short, nice ad but in my cynical view it's for the wrong car. Now back to that NZ girl fracas...

8:59 PM NZDT

Anonymous jay benjamin said...

Yeah, on second thought I guess you guys are right. I checked with Mrs. Brown and she said "I wish advertising agencies would assume I have no aspirations and that I enjoy being talked down to because I'm not in the right market segment for an intelligent message."

Sorry, no ill will here. It's okay if you don't like the ad. It's all subjective anyway but I just think a housewife or an average Joe should be given a little more credit.

Do you guys have speakers connected to your computers?


9:16 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is nothing on the Suzuki ad where they 'sing' wonderfull world. Mixing up a 80's Toyota song with a two year old Mitzi concept is bloody genius. Mainly because I respect the fact that the creatives obviously turned up to work on a Monday, did 4 minutes of work and then fucked off to the pub for the rest of the week. re spe ct!

10:31 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, WK London could really learn something from us. We're the world leaders in car advertising eh

1:38 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha - nice one (the previous poster) - bring back irony!

1:50 PM NZDT

Anonymous Irony said...

here I am. Who called?

2:04 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Irony, I think you joke went a bit flat.

2:12 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Headline: Maxima Run-out Sale.

Sub-head: At just $39,999 you'd better be quick.

Visual: Maxima.

Now that's what I call a car ad.

9:26 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get the "page turner" one for a VW. Am I stupid or isn't a photo of a car that makes you turn the page no good. Do they mean head turner? Am I missing something?

I love the new Toyota ad with the tow trucks.

The "Mercedes benz the rules" is quite spiffy too.

8:12 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figure you're probably right. You probably are stupid dude. But hey, i like the "Mercedes Benz the rules" ad too. Never get tired of sad arse, tired, limp, turd eating puns like that. Very entertaining.

9:13 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha, spiffy!

spiffy - Said sarcastically of a...... Which meaning should be drawn depends delicately on tone of voice and context. This word was common mainstream slang during the 1940s.....

Page turner - A very interesting, exciting, or suspenseful book, usually a novel: "The book is a page-turner"

nothing about cars.

10:33 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the Versatile Garages ad with Thor. He's the Norse God of thunder yet he can't get his chariot out of the garage. The irony is he has to resort to public transport.

2:41 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of garages - "who cannnn, total spaannn"

4:07 PM NZDT

Anonymous Wieden said...

Hello from the wankers at W+K London responsible for the Choir spot.

Interesting to see just how heated opinions are.

Whether you think the ad is any good or not it's great to have provoked debate. Arguably, anything that tries to be distinctive and innovative will polarise opinion. But it's a bit sad to see people still posting comments like, 'Full credit to the agency wankers that talked them into it.'

Are these people living in some evil parallel universe where the client is the enemy and the agency's job is to trick them into buying indulgent vanity trips? Do they really believe we're not here to try to give our clients the best advice we can, in a commercially accountable context? Don't they respect the people they work with? I guess they must hate their jobs.

11:33 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is so much vitriol about a film like this, what must you think about the soap powder ads and the chocolate bar ads and all the other real ridiculous nonsense on TV?
I dread to think.
The world must be a soul destroying place for you if an ad like this can cause such consternation.

3:19 AM NZDT


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