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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thanks for Stellar week

In the past 7 days nzcreativecircle has, according to the beanies at Google, served 3,105 impressions ( whatever that means - Hunt?) and generated an undisclosed number of clicks and an equally hush-hush number of direct referrals ( Hunt!??) and earned a stunning $2.06 (US) for kids with cancer (NZ).

During January to date, visitors have "donated" USD $5.05 and the all-time total... "Judy, I think we have a new total!?" - an all-time total now of USD $14.53.

Which as you can appreciate makes this almost a tax deductible amount. I think . Bit hazy on New Zealand tax law actually. Anyway. Better go talk to Busty about it. Her and Trusty can recommend a good tax accountant. ( Lusty's at a hen party on Waiheke. Bit of a binger.)

Well done. Keep up the good work.


( Little Hintie: 1 x Firefoxie downloadie equals about one yankee doodle buckeroonie)


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