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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where do you fit in New Zealand's creative future?

Did you pick up a copy of Idealog over the Christmas break? We hope so, because it's an inspirational read. And it puts most other New Zealand business magazines to shame. Idealog bills itself as the "voice of the creative economy" in New Zealand. That's all you fine people ; writers, art directors, designers etc. plus directors, animators, musicians, scientists, architects, fashion designers, technology inventors and yes, even marketers.

If you haven't read Idealog yet, do pick up a copy - there are about 15,000 laying around the country, mainly in magazine racks. Pay for a copy if you can, because it's well worth $8.95.

Shameless plug? Nah, Idealog is a bloody good idea. And an example of what can happen if you have a bloody good idea over lunch (as they did) and get up the next morning and follow it through.

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