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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Clinton comes again

Former President Bill Clinton cruised through Auckland late last week to fulfil his obligations at the Leadership Forum thingo *. It has been well reported what he spoke about and how much he earned so... no point in repeating that.

It has also been reported that the remarkable Peri Drysdale ( the women who got Clinton photographed in a black Untouched World sweater at APEC back in 1999) managed to pull the same stunt again. What's up with those two?

Anyway - imagine Heidi's surprise when 42 wandered into nzcc's virtual office with his SS minders ( wearing his newest UW black sweater) just as Heidi was attempting to clear a paper jam in the fax machine. Heidi was not wearing a black sweater.

Needless to say, the man they call slick Willy has now been appointed to a new honorary position with nzcc and we'll be announcing that officially next week. Hopefully.


(By the way, Heidi's bandages are now off.)


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