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Friday, February 10, 2006

Go cruisin with Lee Tamahori

This game was made by some lads down in Wellington. It's fucken funny and has given me an idea about what I can do tonight while Kat's out on a shoot.



If that one doesn't work; try:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh Lee.... naughty naughty boy....no, girl....boy...I dunno, lets just call you Karen (no, not Karen, but 'Car-ren', like, yeah, whatever).

Anyhow, here's my somewhat cynical view of the events that will unfold over the next few months.

Karen will be charged with a misdemeanour offence, will be threatened with an icey cell in Guantanamo Bay shared with some Syrian car dealers from Missouri, but will get off lightly with a small fine (equal to five blowies, a hand job, and a small fisting - but the customer has to supply the lub).

Karen will then come back to NZ, a Sunday programme will be made on his rise and eventual fall (I was going to do a going down joke here, but I that's far too Ad School).

When he arrives back to Auckland, we'll get fleeting (fleeting... him...Fleet, mmm, no, don't go there) glances of him as he's whisked away in BK's BMW. BK will have an extra large Coke Zero on the dash.

Then the medi blitz will begin. Firstly, family members will claim a media beat-up and an invasion of privacy, and that Karen is always allowed to solicit for same sex blowies with locals when home near his small East Coast town.

Secondly, in an act of solidarity will Karen, the local Mongrel Mob chapter will form a protective ring around his 200 hectre farm.

Thirdly, after much bitchiness in the paper claiming discrimination because Karen said he/her prefers film over HD, Paul Holmes will relaunch his Prime news career with a one-on-one interview with Karen. Karen's Croation wife - fresh from digging up landmines planted around the outskirts of the property - will set next to him/her on the couch saying how much she really supports him/her.

There you go, an insiders guide to what will really happen.

I got 2000 points on the cruising game.

9:31 AM NZDT

Anonymous BK said...

Yep, I'd have to say that I think you've nailed it right, apart from the Coke Zero !! It would be a 300ml glass bottle !

I scored 50.

10:32 AM NZDT


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