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Friday, February 17, 2006

NZ Girl latest off the fax

Sorry blooger - but due to a 'technical difficulty' the 5pm nzgirl BDO thingo has been delayed until 6.30pm, according to Jenene, the head nzgirl.

Sorry but we do not currently have a direct url to this occurence.

Heidi the Temp


Blogger Kat said...


2:30 PM NZDT

Anonymous Katty said...

Dear nzgirl team,

90% of the news clippings were from business publications and the herald one was an article about the big day out, the two lines you cropped in on didn't mention the site, you even put put your own nzgirl screenshot in. Your callers to the radio station didn't give the site address. Even half the crap in the story was from comments on this site. I'm sure droves of NBR readers swamped the site because that's where it got the most coverage. Nice try, nice idea, didn't work.

You guys got so caught up in the awards you won to realise that the previous NZ girl stunts weren't really that big and didn't have that much reach, just some great award entry writing.

A Stag party kidnap in front of 11 people in mission bay made both 6pm news and all the major papers. Someone sold a time machine on trademe and got 60,000 hits. Try a flash mob with 100's of naked NZ girl readers, that would get a lot more coverage.

You can call me bitter or a sore loser, only I haven't lost anything, just a small amount of respect for advertising awards. You keep talking it up and I'll keep bringing it down. That's how life works.

3:22 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang on a second, i read somehwere that nzgirl doubled in size the last tw o years as a result of the promos

4:04 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's be honest JC, (and it must be you because you just emiled in a post) if you put the growth of your site down to a couple of stunts at the big day out then I feel bad for you. Has it got nothing to do with the fantastic content, competitions, serveys, clothing etc?

In the last 3 months this blog would have more than doubled it's views, and they did nothing, people like the content. Don't put your success down to anyone else. A real nzgirl wouldn't.

5:02 PM NZDT

Anonymous Someone older and wiser than you said...

Dear 5.03

I suspect that mpeg was very quickly put together to answer an imperative imposed by Civil Aviation's lack of humour.

Just wait and see what the final metrics prove to be before you pass judgement. Then you'll have an informed opinion.

This industry seems infatuated with quant, so let's wait for those lovely little powerpoint charts.

60,000 hits from trade me members is not impressive. They're not sticky. They don't have loyalty to the auction. They're just voyeurs. It's just auction porn. Flash Mobs were a one minute wonder and very 2001. A bit like pet rocks. And streaking. In 1973. Not a great example. As for a stag party making the news...have you watched network news lately? No? Exactly. It's shit. A cat up a tree will get the full noise. And a live sat link. and breathless live updates.

I wasn't going to post to this but your comments are so naive I couldn't help myself. .

All the best for your future career...

1:58 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comment about flash mobs makes me think you missed the previous persons point entirely. If the 6pm news channels are so desperate you must be sad to have not made it.

8:16 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the nzgirl stunt can't have made the news, because there wasn't a stunt. so you've got to think about how far this has got on its own considering nothing at all happened. if they had dropped someone, yeah, it would have got the news and then some. i'm keen to see the stats too, i reckon its not just us talking

8:52 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may not be old a wie but I'm smart enought to know someone actually being dropped is irrelevant. You did work, hired 10 actors and called the media. I spoke to my friends last night at a party and out of about 35 people the only person who knew anything about this was a friend who works in advertising, only a few knew about the plane one last year. Granted 22-25 year olds aren't the target, but it seems the target you hit was ad agencies.

10:37 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a stupid question: Why is their no mention on the NZgirl website of the viral mpeg that was sent around with the fence-hugging tomato sauce guy swearing at the camera crew? Wasn't that part of the whole gag?


12:33 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually i think 22-25 year olds are the target - nzgirls target is 20-30 year olds.

12:41 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just checked out the nzgirl site and the 'commentary' and i reckon we were supposed to be the target. 'spose you gotta get people advertising somehow!

12:43 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang on hang on. The person who wrote, "I spoke to my friends last night at a party and out of about 35 people the only person who knew anything about this was a friend who works in advertising"...so you told 35 people what happened? You just made the campaign even bigger by doing that, isn't that the whole point of what they're trying to do? Get us to tell people about it? Sure, you could have slagged it off - but that would have worked even better, because then curiosity will get the better of them and they'll go check it out for themselves. which will mean more visitors to nzgirl and then it has worked! if we all hate this so much, shouldn't we not talk about it to other people???? i mean come on, the whole 'chinese whisper' thing they're trying to do works better every time any of us talk about it.

12:48 PM NZDT

Anonymous Someone older and way wiser than 8.16am said...

Dear 8.16.

You are a fool. Who needs to be on the national news? Not nzgirl. YOU missed the point. Have you been to high school? Do you work in advertising? Who hired you?
Do they still work in advertising?

By the way I have nothing to do with ddb or nzgirl.

Read more.

12:58 PM NZDT

Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

Okay. This thing's about over. The "event" is over. Everyone knows the story. It's time to move on.

New thoughts and ideas please. On the front page.


12:59 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nzgirl have used this site for their own agenda, and now people have a chance to respond, let them respond.

2:48 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PR gold.

Advertising lead.

End of story.

3:37 PM NZDT


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