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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Razzle Dazzle! - see the world's best presenter make a lot of sense.

Former US President Clinton is coming back to Auckland for the third time next month to speak at a dinner at the Global Business Forum in Auckland on Friday February 24. He just can't keep away.

Bill's a class act; a few of us have seen him speak live before. Probably the best presenter you'll ever witness...

Legend has it that just before Clinton makes any kind of public appearance, he turns to his aids, rubs his hands together and says " okay, let's go Razzle-Dazzle". Whether that's true or not, he certainly does.

This is going to be quite a big deal. Joining "42" will be Michael Eisner, Carly Fiorina ( ex boss of HP - the US computer company, not the sauce) . Supporting acts include Ms H Clark, Ms T Gattung, Gentleman Jim Bolger, Michael Hill, Jeweller and Mrs J Shipley.

So it'll be quite crowded in the VIP room.

This Big Day Out for Thought Leaders is being billed by organisers Duco as an audience with the world's best business minds.

nzcreativecircle would like to offer a free ticket to this one-off event - but we don't have one. If we did have a free ticket, we'd probably raffle it to the highest bidder and give the proceeds to...you know... kids. With cancer.

Actual paid-for tickets start at 1600ish and go to 2400ish but our accountant says it's probably tax deductible and we say it's worthwhile, even if you can't get anything back from Mr M Cullen.

You can bet all the most onto-it senior agency management in Auckland will be there.

For more info go to: http://www.duco.co.nz/



( This has been a blatant attempt to score a free ticket. Thanks for reading)


Anonymous John said...

If I had known before now of your charitable intentions I would have been happy to discuss it further with you. John(Duco)

3:43 PM NZDT


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