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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

True Story - Property boys beat Ad Wankers any day

Late last week, late afternoon, SPQR. Two guys pull up outside SP in a very late model black Porsche, C reg. Proceed to sit down at far table by Chandelier. Order wine. Order water. Order pizza. Confer conspiratorially.

Then they get up and get into the Porsche, parked immediately kerbside. Firing up the engine/ac they sit in there talking for another 10 minutes with the engine running loudly enough to annoy most of the people sitting outside SP. Especially a group of visitors from NYC and New Jersey.

Pizza arrives. Sits on table going cold for another 15 minutes. Engine keeps running. Guys in Porsche remain cool. Too cool for school, as it happens.

By now, they are being loudly derided by everyone al fresco, including SP staff.

A group of St Peters boys on their way home walk past. The Americans, who have had enough of this wankish behaviour encourage the boys to " steal the pizza, steal the fucking pizza". The boys appear uncertain. Until they are further encouraged by a pissed-off SP waitperson. " Go, go, take those wankers' pizza!". Not needing further encouragement, the schoolboys swoop on the pizza, and leg it. Only crumbs remain.

Guy gets out of Porsche, engine still infuritingly running. Offers excuse : " Look I'm only in the country for a few hours...I've, I've been in Fiji" Huh?

Gets in car, car fucks off at rapid rate of knots, to cheers and clapping.

At least we think they were doing a property deal. The rego was noted. Is there an ad in this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's probably a scam, just in time for Axis.

9:14 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's clearly an ad for Axis Ad School. So predictable. Seen it before.

10:03 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is clearly only a hoax posted on this site to make us go to SP. Fuck it, it's worked, I'll be there Friday.

9:02 AM NZDT


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