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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why does CAANZ spam?

We don't get it. But we sure got it.

For 10 days in a row, New Zealand's official advertising organisation emailed its database with reminders about the deadline for entries to the CAANZ media awards.

For 10, 9, 8, 7 etc days, they pushed out html emails to... not just media people, but creatives and God knows who else.

Now - most of us get enough email traffic every day anyway without needing any more. And most of us are bright enough not to need to be told things twice. Some of us even write it down, or put it in our diaries. Or our PDAs. Or stick a post-it on the top of our monitors.

We guess someone thought it was a smart and funky thing to do. Well it wasn't. It was just a pain in the arse.

And that's why the nzcreativecircle ( which is read by a far wider audience than just writers and art directors by the way ) chose not to publicise the deadline.

If CAANZ had simply sent us the details - or posted it on our site like others do ( Young Guns for example ) then you could have saved everyone a little niggle and reached a fair chunk of your target.

In future - please don't spam people. It's rude. It's annoying. And it's so last week.



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