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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ad Fest update

lynchy said...

There are a few Kiwis at AdFest, apart from Catmur, who is on the Film Jury. Andy Blood (yes, I'll ask him about the mag at the girly bar tonight) and Rob Sherlock are both on the Print Jury. Other Kiwis up to no good include Todd McCracken, Princey, Jo Kelly, Peter Grasse, Stephen Douglas and of course Haydn Evans, who seems to be the official Girly Bar Tour Leader. The tour arrived back at the hotel around 9am this morning, just as Lynchy was having Breaky after arriving at 4am direct from the airport (a scary 2 hours by fast limo away!). Too early for goss... will report back tomorrow if possible.


The Legendary Lynch posted this last night in comments but we, out of sheer laziness and a lack of anything better to offer on a Friday morning chucked it onto the front page.


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