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Monday, March 20, 2006

Apparently the Axis Awards are on this year and they are now calling for entries. If you have ever created anything remotely....

...resembling an ad - and you haven't entered it yet. You really should. Anything at all. It'll cost you a couple of hundred bucks per entry, and it is unlikely to make the first cut - because those likely to win anything will already be onto this. But just to make sure, have your credit card handy and read this. Honestly, anything. And money. Birthday cards. Notes to your mum.... here's all you need to know. And have yor credit card handy:

Subject: CAANZ AXIS Awards - Call for entries

CAANZ AXIS Awards - Call for entries

To enter online click here.

Entries close Thursday 4.00pm 20th April 2006.

Campaigns launched between
1 March 2005 and 28 February
2006 are eligible for entry.

If you do not wish to receive further information on the 26th AXIS Awards please click here to unsubscribe.

To be honest they have added an unsubscribe button. But it's still bloody annoying. We've all got work to do for next year.



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