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Monday, March 27, 2006

Bit of confusion.

Could the agencies that used to do the Herald's advertising please put their hands up. Just the last one or two. There seems to be some confusion as to who was reponsible for the Herald's complete lack of anything decent ad-wise until recently. Maybe they did it themselves. Please enlighten the blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FCB got it off M&C, who got it off Whybins.

Whybins did work for the Herald that got into One Show, and M&C did work that was a finalist at Cannes.

Since then, the Herald has gone from creative opportunity to retail hell. It's surprising that FCB even managed to get some brand work out of them - so we shouldn't be too harsh.

9:32 AM NZST

Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

We would love to see this award-winning work please. Didn't see it on the street... not being harsh, quite pragmatic actually. faxheidi@gmail.com

1:47 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Whybins' work in One Show was that Rugby commentator who had his face all mushed up over subsequent daily ads in the newspaper. They also did a really nice billboard for the CHOGM summit about getting under the skin but not sure if that got anything. Not sure what M&C got their Lion finalist for but no doubt Farndale's reading and can fill you in.

12:32 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The M&C work was the stuff with people becoming office furniture with the headline "have you been in your job too long" for jobs supplement. Tasty art direction too

1:29 PM NZST

Anonymous Business Guy said...

None of the asbove sound like they're going to sell newspapers though, you see. Which is actuaslly the business problem.

One sounds like an ad for their jobs section, the other like an ad for sports.

Business guy

3:16 PM NZST

Anonymous anonymouse said...

Whybins had the Herald for a Special Project - Chogum, which was 5-6 years ago. Then they did something for the World Cup. That aslo was a special project. I think someone else was doing their brand work at the time.

11:14 AM NZST


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