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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do you have One Club?

According to our colleagues at campaignbrief.blogpsot.com ( and these have yet to be officially verified, they are provisional results only) the following resident Kiwi creatives have heeded the call and are now members of the One Club. This helps to increase local chances of having local representation at the rather significant US One Show. It's one of the top 5. In no particular order:

Existing members:

Worthington, N
Blood, A
McCracken, T

New Recruits:

Talbot, T
Rohrback, J
O'Sullivan, M
Mok, J
Maddocks, R
Diallo, A
Benjamin, J
Catmur, P
Duster, er, D

There may be more. All details were correct at the time of printing.

For $110 US this gets you a pretty good package ; includes your name in the book and other regular electronic info and costs less than the book alone if you don't have One Show.


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