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Saturday, March 18, 2006

From Koh Samui Beach...

Within an arm's reach of a Pina Colada and thankfully only metres from an internet cafe, an exhausted Michael Lynch (campaignbrief.blogspot.com) posts re. the Grey flap:

"They had a few pieces of nice work in 2005 - most of it late in the year and yet to be tested at the award shows - which is why Grey did OK (but not brilliantly) on the CB Hot + Cold chart. They did not claim any awards they did not win in their presentation. (Todd would not try that with Lynchy). When I get back to OZ next week, I will check my notes on Grey's work in 2005 and post the rationale (for placing them where I did on the Hot + Cold chart) on this blog."

Chur chur, Lynchy.


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