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Wednesday, March 22, 2006



We are a family that needs help from you; we are from Zimbabwe
the south of Africa and we are farmers but we are having a very big
problems with the President Mr. Robert Mugabe because my husband
said that what he is doing to The white farmers is bad by seizing
there farmlands and there personal Belonging and also sending his
mobs and aids to destroy there property. My husband was killed
by his aids and they confisticated all our property So me and my two
children had to ran
to Chad a small country were we did not Know
anybody for safety were we are now seeking asylum, but the help we
need From you is to help us claim the sum of nine million dollars
(9,000,000.00 dollars) that my husband left or deposited in a finance
house Before his untimely death. We cannot go and make the
claim and if we try the President have people all Over that will
know and they will seize the funds, so I Mrs. shima is Writing to
you in person after much consideration I thought you are the only
person that can help me and my family claim this fund and invest
it, as a big brother nation to help us and claim this fund you
can stand as a foreign partner to my late husband and send to the
finance company an application for claim or retransfer of the funds
to your bank account and you will have 30% of the total amount and if
you like invest our share in your country but it's very Important
you help us to come over to your great country.
Note: I will
the original certificate of deposit to you as soon as I receive
positive response with the bellow information?s that I am going
use in preparing the change of beneficiary ship to your name and
address. Please I and my children are looking up to you. (1)
Your complete name and address (2) Your date of birth (3) Name of
your company and address/position (4) official/private phone and
fax numbers Please forward all response to my email:
Thank you
and God bless us all. Yours
sincerely, Mrs. U. Shima


Payday's tomorrow for many of you. We know you'll do the right thing. If you need to get in touch with Mrs Shima directly , fax Heidi. She has Mrs S's IP address written down on the back of a Prego receipt. Cheers,

Uncle Crusher
nzcc security


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