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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Jimmy Carr - genius

Somebody sent us an anonymous mp3 of this guy. Have no idea who. Never met him before. Don't know what you're talking about. It appears to have been ripped from a live stage show in London.

We wet our pants so hard, we laughed.


Hunt ( not his real name) would burn you a copy if he was allowed to, but he isn't because that would be an infringement of several different types of IP, plus moral copyright as well. And we are quite hot on that. Ideas are all you've got. So anyway - if you want your own copy you'll have to go to Amazon and buy one.


Update: If any agency is interested in procuring the services of Mr Carr for a client or for their Xmas party, he can be contacted through Hannah Chambers Management:

23 Long Lane

+ 44 207 796 3588

Due to his current popularity, this may cost a few hundred thousand pounds sterling but would probably be worth every....penny.


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