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Thursday, March 02, 2006

No wonder Parsons has been hard to find...

He has clearly been kidnapped by a Russian sub and is probably in a Siberian gulag. Different style of Vodka they favour in those establishments. Made from undies and head lice, from memory. Grows on you though. It's all in the skill of the distiller of course. Not quite as clean an aftertaste as 42Below though. Definitely very oily. And quite undie. Developed for a slightly different market taste profile, of course. It's actually about 50 below there this time of year.


Credits: Picture of Putin, Chief Russia Bloke courtesy of mosnews.com
Original Cyrillic caption reads: "I'm Vladamir Putin. Who the fuck are you!!
Thanks to A.D.once again for her assistance with this translation.


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