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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The numbers people are quite liking...

The metrics for this blog. Since it started we've served around 80,000 pages. Since January 26 PCT ( that's US, we use US metrics provided by Google AdSense, who pay us money to have their advertisers on this blog) the date Lynchy uses for his metrics ( January 27 Aussie ECT) we have served 25,357 pages. That's as of this minute tonight. The numbers thorugh in March have been staggering. This blog now consistently has about 60% of CB's traffic. Which is quite bloody remarkable considering Lynchy's blog is Australasian and beyond, and we are essentially only Auckland. And Wellington. (Haven't heard much from Christrchurch - come in the South Island, hello...)

International traffic is, we estimate, now about 10% and rising thanks to search engines and bots and agents etc. And of course content Content is King.. Thanks for that, bloggers. You write good shit.

This number of servings may not seem like much compared with big, mass consumer sites but remember this is a very niche audience. Tiny industry really. Probably why this blog gets so bitchy. Clearly there was a need for this outlet.

Because we know bloody well a few people are looking quite hard at this right now. Well you can't have it. It's...you know, for creatives only. And of course, for the kids. Ultimately.

Right enough boring grown-up stuff. Back to the bitching and slagging. Do your worst.



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