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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ongoing media player dullarity

So, Putfile is "currently not accepting uploads from this area at this time." Helloaworld.razorstream.com ( which looked really good and actually cost a little money) appears to have been in beta and is now n/g. Or has been taken offline by the lawyers in the US. No urls for it work. And as we know, You Tube has issues. Or perhaps that should be tissues. Any more ideas, bloogers?



Anonymous Mr Gream said...

A new word to be added to the advertising lexicon:

pegler(v), as in 'to pegler'

Definition: to give something or someone a convincing grandeur-like status even though it is totally unfounded.


"Man, I can't believe the clients bought the entire shit campaign. You should have seen how much our CD peglered the concepts in the meeting."

"I tried peglering myself with this chick last night, but she busted my ass."

"Fuck, the Grand Axis this year is totally peglered."

11:24 PM NZDT


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