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Monday, March 20, 2006


I see Sideswipe in the NZ Herald this morning has made the creative circle
blog public. What will this mean? What will people think of us? Will the
content will improve? Maybe we should run away to another address? So many


Blogger nzcreativecircle said...

"Will the content will improve"?! Not with writing like that. This content of this blog is up to kiwi creatives... don't like it, improve it. That's the point.

9:25 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm happy to admit that was my first typo ever so glad I was pulled up on it.

Good spotting of the tongue in firmly in the cheek kids.

9:58 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah yes, but has anyone seen the Trade Me auction to win a 'day in the life of a saatchi's creative' today?


9:37 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working till 3 in the morning like a dog who would want that shit

11:28 AM NZST


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