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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Small technical niggle

Having some problem with Frenchy's email account tonight for some reason. Hunt ( not his real name ) and Uncle Crusher are working on it now by candlelight.

Probably just a blown fuse or a loose connection in the engine bay but if we have to order a whole new email address from the States, well - these things can take months to arrive and, even then,you have to know someone in the factory. Or have a picture of them and a goat.

In the meantime, please fax ALL emails to heidithetemp@gmail.com


Update Sunday 0900 NZT: Just post on the front page or to comments for now. Usual way. You all know how it all works. If you've got any pics ( goats) or mpegs, hold onto them for the moment. We have ordered new email addresses and are going to look for Heidi's new fax machine on TradeMe today.


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