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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Someone reads Talkback in the Herald so you don't have to

A man makes a complete dick of himself in the NZH's ad-biz op-ed column this morning. He does this in a number of different and embarrassing ways.

As we are limited by space here - possibly a good thing - perhaps the best example of what some may call "stoopid" is when this man enlightens the Herald's 250,000 or so readers about the long-running and much-loved "Telecom Animals" tactical retail campaign "Does anyone rememeber those funny animals....anyone recall what the product was". (Hmmmm. It was usually a short-term special calling price offer, from memory.) "The pictures bear no relevance to product or service being promoted." Oh dear. Fortunately he adds an email address so you know how not to get hold of him.


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