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Friday, March 17, 2006

Todd Mc, Grey NZ exposed!!

OK, I was half pissed at a friend's business when I stumbled across the
Admedia's agencies & clients book. And I started flicking through it. It's
the book that most CEO's and senior suits have on them because it has all
the contact details of everyone inside the business and has a snapshot of
each business (awards they have won, accounts they have...).

So anyway, I'm flicking through this and shock horror, I flipped open on
Grey NZ. I'm not sure what planet they were on when they wrote what awards
they won, but it must be a different one from me. For instance, they said
they had 12 pieces of work published in The Work 2004. If you actually go to
that annual, Grey had '2' pieces of work published. They also said they won
a gold Axis and a bronze Axis in 2004. In Axis 2004 though, Grey only won a
bronze Axis.

It also says that it scored 18 finalists at Axis in 2004. I find this
impossible to believe cos' that's the numbers of finalists that Clemenger or
a good agency scores each year. In short, I was a little bit bamboozled as
to why Grey was so hot on the campaign brief hot and cold charts considering
they've done nothing over the last 12 months, and then it hit me. They're
probably fabricating awards for the submission as well.

Jesus Todd. You're giving the industry a super-sleazy name. Mike O, Catmur
and all the rest work hard slog for their respective companies and put down
awards they have actually won. And then you come along and make up awards
that you think you might have won. Absolute shocker!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:58 AM NZDT

Anonymous Gary Larsen said...

Holy shit, dodgy Todd strikes again.

10:06 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What amazes me is why Todd (or some other Grey personage) would try it on. Commonsense tells you that you're going to expose yourself to claims of bullshitting from your peers.

Why risk it?

10:18 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I smell a bitter witch hunt brewing. How fresh and creative.

10:55 AM NZDT

Blogger Gavin Larceny said...

For Gary's sake,

You'd think that in a small, incestuous gossipy industry like ours, with bloodthirsty creatives who spend 90% of their time either scanning awards annuals or spitting vitriol on nzcreativecircle, people would be a bit smarter than
Mr. Asia-Pacific ECD Todd.

Wow that was a long sentence, cigarette?

11:05 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lying about awards won - surely not. Not too many surprises really.

11:32 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wot a dick. Thanks God Hywel's in there now. Top bloke. He'll sort out Grey without having to cut corners.

11:34 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what?

Right now, I doubt whether Todd will give a fuck about all this.

He's on a massive Nick Worthington salary, will probably end up on the Grey Worldwide board, and will probably never come back to NZ.

11:53 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, but it still doesn't make it right.

11:56 AM NZDT

Anonymous Nick Worthington's salary said...

I disagree with that statment, 11:53.

12:01 PM NZDT

Blogger lynchy said...

They had a few pieces of nice work in 2005 - most of it late in the year and yet to be tested at the award shows - which is why Grey did OK (but not brilliantly) on the CB Hot + Cold chart. They did not claim any awards they did not win in their presentation. (Todd would not try that with Lynchy). When I get back to OZ next week, I will check my notes on Grey's work in 2005 and post the rationale (for placing them where I did on the Hot + Cold chart) on this blog.

5:35 PM NZDT


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