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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

BBC podcasting trials

The bbc is getting into podcasting in a fairly big way right now and sparing no effort doing it - much of their programming is now available for download and this includes all daily radio shows and most specialist weekly shows. Some interesting stuff. Here's where to go:


They're available as XML feeds ( kind of RSS) so if you use the right broswer ( like Firefox) you can get updates delivered to your desktop automatically. More info:


Same for nzcreativecircle. We use RSS, and if you enable that feature, any new posts etc are automatically delivered to your desktop. No need to go looking.

For those of you running Mac OSX version 4 or later you can get useful widgets for this sort of thing for free from apple.com.

hunt ( not my real name)
nzcc it


Hunt ( not his real name ) is currently preparing an article on The Living Web, which is apparently what nzcreativecircle is. He has also cleared the paper jam on my fax machine, so I owe him one. But just one.

Heidi x


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