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Monday, April 03, 2006

Caxtons include NZ and will be in NZ

We've been hoping for this for a long time and it has happened. Reported by Lynchy on campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

"Caxton chairman Tom Moult has confirmed that the Caxton Awards will accept entries from New Zealand for the first time ever and that this year's Awards and Seminar will take place on the weekend of 22 to 24 September in Queenstown.
Moult said that both the jury and the speaker lineup from now on will include Kiwis, reflecting the true trans Tasman nature of the event. Moult said he, along with major sponsors News Limited and Fairfax "were all delighted" that NZ was included in the Caxtons.
As a result of this development, the Caxtons will be included in the CB Creative Rankings next year."

Pretty pic of Queenstown goes here.


Anonymous King of Queens(town) said...

Well done Tom, should be the best Caxton ever in Queenstown. But what is a Caxton and what should we expect?

5:59 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet. more math for Lynchy to do.

6:30 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should probably expect to be outgunned by the Aussies, actually.

6:33 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, we are pretty good at TV, radio, magazine, cyber, outdoor and ambient but when was the last great Kiwi newspaper ad? Let's get cracking, or I fear the first Caxton in NZ will be embarrassing. The award deadline is around mid June, I think.

9:13 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that Caxton is actually pretty close to Cack-stain? Spooky considering they produce tonnes of poo-paper.

10:50 PM NZST

Blogger lynchy said...

On the CB Blog, one blogger asked... "why the rankings? I mean an award show for newspaper ads when our whole industry seems pointed in another direction hardly seems like the way forward. That being said, I do respect the medium. I just think we have enough award shows to enter already.

Here's Lynchy's response:

Newspapers are still a great medium and I'm sure it's still got the biggest slice of the advertising pie. (Anyway, it's not quite dead yet, I'm sure you read all the papers on the weekend like I did - a habit I hope to continue well into this new century).

The Caxtons were on the CB Rankings until six years ago when we included New Zealand agencies and creatives for the first time. The only reason we took the Caxtons off the CB Rankings was that they did not allow entries from NZ agencies, so it was not a level playing field. Now that situation has changed.

I believe adding the Caxtons to the CB Creative Rankings will also improve the standard of newspaper advertising on both sides of the Tasman.

Another reason: The Caxton Awards and Seminar is a unique event, unlike any other in the world - and the only forum for 140 or so creative minds young and old to get together for a weekend. It's an institution worth preserving. Adding NZ will make it even better - the top shops there can't wait to take us on.

The regional shows in the CB Rankings are AWARD and The Work, both covering a wide range of media, plus the Kodak Gongs (TV, cinema) and from next year, the Caxtons (newspaper).

The international shows are Cannes, D&AD, The One Show and Clio.

11:54 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. Plus it gives us an excuse to go to Queenstown.

3:48 PM NZST


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