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Sunday, April 02, 2006

If you want to learn how to write for advertising you must go to Sydney

Or Melbourne. In May.

Writing for advertising ( what D&AD used to call copywriting) is not a skill currently being taught in NZ at any level and certainly not by the local ad schools judging by the quality of the writing we see. Here's what to do:


The 2nd annual Fairfax AWARD Copy School commences in May, so if you’re a young writer and serious about wanting to be an effective, creative copywriter, come and learn from some of the best in the business.
Sydney: May 8 to 12.
Melbourne: May 22 to 26.
Mornings only. Register now with Alma Kettles at AWARD.
Tel: (02) 9281 8004.
Email: alma@awardonline.com

“Thanks to email and blogging, the power of the written word has come full circle – and we’re seeing that come to life in campaigns for brands like Tesco in the UK – and our recent Elle Macpherson book of stories. When you are relying on just words to engage someone or communicate an idea, it forces you to be very clear about what your idea actually is. Copy School is an opportunity to learn how to think more individual and original thoughts and put those thoughts into action. Now, in particular, I’d say a course like this is invaluable.”
Jonathan Kneebone,
The Glue Society, Sydney

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be there soon cobber! I'll just drop everything and I'll be in Bondi Junction before you can say fuckawallaby.

PS Sydney's an over hyped hole.

2:43 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fucking hate sydney with the kind of hate i usually only reserve for illogical advertisng.

If you get past the diagonally striped shirts all you'll catch is the vacant look in their eyes. The place has no soul.

2:53 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And just who is the best in the business? Are we talking the best in the Australian business or the best in the worldwide business?

3:04 PM NZST


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