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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lynchy retracts D&AD acceptances

Thanks to eagle-eye of 100 College Hill for this morning pointing out that CB has removed mention of D&AD possibles from its blog. One can only fear the worst. People have been killed for less. We have now dead-bolted the door and are not falling for pizza deliveries. Let's just hope Lynchy's okay, with fresh water and a breathing tube, wherever he is.



Anonymous AwardWatch said...

It appears he was too accurate so the Holy D&AD has excommunicated him. The girls at D&AD say he has returned to the safety of the Russians at Pattaya Beach. Although they say he missed a Nomination. There are a record 7 for Australia. (And TBWA\Whybin got one for NZ).

10:55 AM NZST


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