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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Xtraordinary Nonsense

Can someone please explain what is extraordinary about 256k internet access and why it justifies 3 full colour pages in the metropolitan dailies? Should it even be called broadband? This is surely advertising at its worst, fooling  most of the people etc...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mines now 3.5Mbps, which is a shit load faster. Porn is coming down with speed. My hand can hardly keep up.

8:23 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where did that figure come from? I don't think anyone in New Zealand offers a speed that slow unless you over-downlaod like buggery.

10:41 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when are we gonna get a fine day? and I'm sick & tired of this office

11:18 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That figure came from the ad run by Telecom. That's their basic offering, for whic h you pay the stated price.

4:01 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got to pay $50 to get a good service. 3.5Mbs and 10gig of downloads. My mum would use the 256k one. Mainly because she's not into full length hard core German snuff films like I am.

6:18 PM NZST

Anonymous Speedy Gonzales said...

They're running the asds again today. 256 up/128 down!!!

Like lightning!!

2:33 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

256 - http://jetstream.xtra.co.nz/chm/0,8763,204546-203090,00.html

3.5 - http://jetstream.xtra.co.nz/chm/0,8763,204548-203090,00.html

7:45 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More importantly - http://xtramsn.co.nz/entertainment/0,,12252-5608527,00.html

7:47 AM NZST


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