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Friday, May 05, 2006

Breaking news!

Duncan Bannatyne finally invests!!

It was a historic episode of 'Dragons' den' last night when the unusually
tight Scotsman finally dug into his piles of dosh and gave some to a budding
entrepeneur. For once we didn't hear him say 'I'm ouuut!' or 'I have no
interrrrrest what-so-everrr.' Peter Jones, a fellow Dragon, was rumoured to
have muttered 'well fuck me sideways' and 'c*ntsticks' under his breath when
it happened. Menawhile, Theo Paphitis, an immigrant, looked perplexed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think that dude with the knee skates had something. Very usefull for some of our suits who take up the arse so badly from the client.

12:28 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's wrong with regular old knee pads? Our suits have been wearing them for years.

3:47 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can they carry their bags on their knees?

Guess that'd make a good "I didn't actually present that to the client (insert rank excuse here)" excuse.

5:29 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I can sell work to the client and I've come here for a 100k of your money.."

12:49 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won't be investing, because you say that now but when you're in front of the client you say that you don't really like the ad either and that you had a better idea but the creative director told you it was shite but it was clearly better than this and would they like to see it but don't tell the creative director 'cos he'll kill you if he found out the talentless has-been hack.

2:15 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theo: "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes that invest in your business."

3:23 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunch of third-division biznesspeople looking for ideas that they can't come up with themselves, offering pathetically small amounts of money for ridiculous percentages of desperate peoples' creativity or blowing them off like some feeble Simon Cowell wannabes while revelling in the choked up attempts at pitching their proposals. Could be ad suits eh?

6:22 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuckin brilliant program.
Imagine if you will, you come home late at night after sucking off the client, you switch on the TV and....

7:10 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Catmur was a dragon he'd invest 150k in a 'head reduction' business.

10:20 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that having any one of that bunch of toerags taking over half your business for five minutes of their time a week is a good idea then you deserve them.

8:49 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the follow-up to see how the various businesses that the dragons have invested in are going.

8:50 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can check it out on the website. Quite funny - it seems most of the dragons split before any of the projects got off the ground, leaving the poor fuckers standing there like a suit after a client telling-off. Fair enough too - most of the ideas were poorly researched and had more loose ties than a couple of old St Kents boys.

I'm outta here like a something in a something.

11:22 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These so called Drag Ons wouldn't know a good idea if someone came up the stairs and showed it to them. Like most 'successful' business people, they've mixed good luck with ruthless arrogance.

4:11 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the NZ version. It'll have Mark Ellis, Lana Coc-Croft and Brent Todd on the panel.

9:08 AM NZST


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