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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I never read the blog as I am too thin-skinned. However Lynchy has pointed out a couple of misconceptions that might need clearing up so I will send this to him to paste.
Firstly, the Chairmen of the individual juries do not vote.
In fact, if all goes well they'll do very little at all. They are there to answer any questions, ensure that the proceedings are fair, and that AWARD protocol be followed. If any fights break out they are instructed to referee without placing their personal safety at risk.
Secondly, I was instructed by the committee to avoid having all the same old faces on the Print and TV panels as well as to bolster up the importance of the 'None of The Above' category. Consequently some particularly old faces have been shifted towards 'None of the Above'. There was a lot of controversy around the Titanium judging at Cannes, and as this is our closest equivalent I asked that I should chair that particular jury to try and head off a similar rumpus.
In case anyone missed the first paragraph, as jury chairman, I will not be voting.
I hope that clears things up. Now get back to slagging each other off.


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