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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Now people know how internet shopping site ferrit.co.nz works. Plus some other stuff they might not have wanted to know.

Agency: Consortium, Auckland
Creative Team: Douglas Howser and Vincent Del Pino
Director: Steve Saussey
Producer: Claire Richards
Production Company: Film Construction

If this doesn’t play it’s also here: http://www.filmconstruction.com/directors_details.asp?id=7&start=0


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ad tries very hard to get some cut-through by being quirky, despite essentially having nothing to say.

Good on them for trying hard, but for that very reason it comes across as being try hard.

"Oh, can we squeeze another little quirky thing in here to cover up that this is a straight presenter read saying nothing of interest?"

"Why yes, we can." (bing)

Interesting they cast Andrew Sims as talent though.

5:32 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last comment is bullshit. I think it's great.

8:16 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only ad on TV lately I've seen that actually made me laugh.

Quite Napolean Dynamite-ish.

8:48 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last comment is bullshit - it's crap and the whole Ferrit business strategy/model thing is fataly flawed. How long before Telecom tire of pouring money down the drain and finally pull the plug.

9:10 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suddenly can't play any of these YouTubes. Anyone else?

10:53 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is great. And you are a retard for thinking it has 'nothing to say'. It explains a hell of a lot about the site where as the previous Saatchi ferrit campaign with those 'getting married?' billboards kind of fell short...

What's your real issue with the ad? That you didn't do it? Or maybe you did the getting married billboard?

It's ads like this that lift the bar creatively for information heavy ads. And miserable pricks like you that you that hold us all back.

12:27 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My problem is with the product rather than the ad.

As I have already said, they've tried hard to get cut-through despite having a product that has very little amazing to offer.

I should have added more explicitly that they've succeeded in getting cut-through, so good on them for that. That's pretty much task number 1 for an ad and the hurdle where about 80% of ads fall.

But the very mediocrity of the product, or perhaps the lack of a strategy which reveals a powerful reason to use it, means the communication becomes more noticable than the product. Which is what makes it look try hard to me.

btw, I don't remember seeing any 'getting married' ad, or anything previously done for Ferrit, which is a comment in itself.

And I don't envy anyone advertising this product, which seems to exist because 'we need something on-line'.

I hope that is clearer.

1:59 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you've been held back, I don't think you can blame me.

2:19 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Douglas 'Doogie' Howser and Vince Delpino - the actor who played Doogie's dumb friend on screen.
Appropriate, seeing as they and spokesperson ads both come from 1989.
Can't remember Vince DelPino? Check him out in the Sopranos - he plays Benny Fazio.

2:57 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this ad is a shitload better than saatchis efforts. until I saw it I didn't know what ferrit was despite seeing all the billboards by saatchi. It's funny, it get's across what ferrit is, job done. the billboard about more time to do the things you love -like your wife is genius. thought I had mis-read it.great client

3:38 pm NZST

Anonymous Glenn Jameson said...

I am so tired of the pathetic Ad Hominems on this site. 8:16, attacking a reasoned comment with an unreasoned response is lazy, asinine, weak and a waste of blog space. Why is 5:32’s comment bullshit? Why do you think the Ferrit ad is great?

We are in the business of communication and persuasion, yet most of the commentaries I read here are childish pot-shots made by cowards unwilling to put their names to such fatuous opinion.

I hope our clients aren’t reading this meaningless drivel. It’s an embarrassment to our profession.

Glenn Jameson

7:30 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Toby (aka 1:59 PM NZST)

8:51 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that same Glenn Jameson who once wrote on a Lib website that he was- Born June 1963 in Waiouru Army camp to an arch-conservative officer and arch-liberal mother; it was like being tucked in to bed at night by Patton and Fonda. I'm a divorced father of two daughters, Camille Ayn and Isabella Sophia. Met my gorgeous lover, Olivia Pierson, at the Valentines Solo Conference 3 years ago. Currently Creative Director of Republik Advertising. Been writing ads for 23 years, in Auckland, Wellington, London, Miami, New York and Chicago. Biggest advertising claim to fame: working on the Budweiser "Whassup" campaign. Biggest Libertarian claim to fame: Number 11 on the Lib list in '96. Favourite quote: "I have gained this by philosophy: that I do, without being commanded, what other men do only from fear of law." - Aristotle? or not?

10:54 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is good - not great, but good. Nothing so terribly wrong with that. It tells you stuff you didn't know, gives you reasons to act and does so in a way that does not cause teeth to grate.

What is really interesting is the way Saatchis so publicly failed on this task. That is what I suspect is driving some of the comments here.

8:55 pm NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

10:54, you have the audacity to ask me a personal question without the nerve of revealing your own name... what kind of pussy are you?

Glenn Jameson

9:22 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that Ferrit were as guilty of failing the task as Saatchis. If you can't provide a coherant strategy and spot substandard creative work then maybe you shouldn't be a client.

10:15 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:54 AM NZST - hahahah - sometimes being anonymous is good. GENIUS

11:50 am NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

You devalue the word, 11:50. If that’s genius, what term would you reserve to describe the works of Einstein, Planck and Hawkings?


1:03 pm NZST

Anonymous CL said...

Other guys previously said:

"What is really interesting is the way Saatchis so publicly failed on this task..."


"I think you'll find that Ferrit were as guilty of failing the task as Saatchis. If you can't provide a coherent strategy and spot substandard creative work then maybe you shouldn't be a client."

Probably both are good points - though no NZ agency I know of is in a position to turn away a decent-sized paying client no matter how bad they are.

It's also interesting that nobody here has claimed Ferrit has a good product. "It's shopping on the internet" pretty much sums up its strengths and weaknesses.

If the old adage about 'nothing kills a bad product quicker than good advertising' is true, then we should expect either the demise or rapid reinvention of Ferrit pdq.

"It's shopping on the internet."

Why yes it is. And not much else.



1:52 pm NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

Ahhh, Craig - a man who's man enough to stand by his opinion. Maybe there's hope for this sad shites' site after all...


3:59 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Jameson, you're coming across as a sad bitter old hack, just walk away tiger.

5:34 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Jameson, if you no like, you go find somewhere else to sound off.

10:48 am NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

An ad hominem, 5:34, is to attack the person rather than the idea. It’s the lowest form of argument, a cheap shot designed to rattle the opponent instead of employing reason to make your case.

You say, “hey Jameson, you’re coming across as a sad bitter old hack…”

You have not proved that I’m sad, bitter, old or a hack. Your statement is an ad hominem.

Conversely, the declaration “You are a coward, 5:34, for firing this cheap shot from the shadows of anonymity,“ is neither cowardly nor an ad hominem because: a) I have openly endorsed my statement; b) it is an assertion supported by reason; and c) while it is a personal attack on your character, it’s apropos to the issue of cowardice.

So, will you be a man, 5:34, and endorse your statement? Or will you continue to hide like a pussy…?


P.S. Are you an immigrant, 10:48?

1:01 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jameson, don't know what trip you're on but you're making yourself look like a pedantic angry twat.

2:04 pm NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

Only an illiterate would still be wondering what I’m on about, 2:04 – it’s a question of unsubstantiated critiques and personal attacks made by cowards hiding behind their anonymity.

Is there anyone here capable of making a logical argument? 2:04 clearly doesn’t have the skills.


4:01 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He always has been angry.

The man has issues.

What's wrong with being an immigrant?

4:21 pm NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

Two ad hominems and a non sequitur... Jesus, I hope you’re not a writer, 4:21.

10:11 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey GJ, if you are all about speaking and writing correctly, how come you put writing "Wasssaauuppp" as your claim to fame?

7:58 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'two ad hominems and a non sequitur'

Jameson you are clearly a frustrated lawyer and looking at the shite that republic is putting out, it's time for a mid-life career change.

Look, we all know you're a very angry old man. I would be too if my big job in the US turned to crap and I couldn't get a gig back in Auckland apart from Republic...ahem.But is coming across as a total cock on the blog really the answer?Walk away while you still have a shred of dignity old timer.

9:10 am NZST

Blogger JAMESON said...

I assure you my dignity is well intact. I’m not the one who’s making undignified personal attacks from the safety of anonymity. I’d invite you to bag me to my face, 9:10, but you’ve already proven yourself to be a gutless, spineless coward. You have no honour, no character and no balls – a simple reality made evident by the fact you have not identified yourself.

Clearly I’ve touched a nerve here. I’m sure you’d all like me to walk away and stop reminding you that taking anonymous potshots at people is an act of cowardice. Judging by the offensive responses and the blatant avoidance of the issue I’d say you know it’s exactly that.

It’s interesting that some of you think I’m angry. For the record, the predominant emotion I’m feeling here is disgust - disgust at the lack of integrity shown by all those unwilling to stand by their slurs.

Is there none among you with enough courage to take a potshot at me in the open?

Or even in private?... glenn@republik.co.nz

12:49 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus GJ, go play somewhere else.

1:13 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry jameson, I'm going to have the last word.'sphincter'

1:23 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggers: 24
Jameson: 8

3:53 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ewww Didn't Republik make those horrible Xbox ads?

No wonder you're always pissed GJ.

4:07 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggers: 25
Jameson: 8

4:29 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys know that they are putting kava in pills now?

8:12 pm NZST


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