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Thursday, October 26, 2006


A blogger pointed this item out in case anyone missed this in last Thursday's Herald...
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So who leaked the story? Can't imagine Drew being too pleased to see his salary details in the national press.

    12:32 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So, why did he get fired?

    12:36 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    party at Drews house whoop whoo!

    12:57 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    good on you Drew.the more who stand up against bad treatment the better. your the man.

    1:03 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Fuck me - nice pay out. Only problem I reckon about suing an agency is no one will ever hire you again. You just need to accept you don't fit the bill and move on.

    9:25 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good to see agencies held accountable for their actions.

    9:42 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It was in today's Herald - and apparently someone high up was seen scurrying around the agency, removing the 1st section from all the Heralds lying around (the article was on P3 of the 1st section).

    12:25 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    More grievances should be taken out. Most ad agencies wouldn't know the ERA if it shat on them. Y&R anyone?

    1:50 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    9.25pm - for your reference, Drew has found employment in the industry - see earlier posting on this blog. Perhaps the only people who should be considering a different career should in fact be those who were found guilty by the court? The pay out is surely a sign of the gravity of the offence and the personal cost to the employee. Overall, this industry lags behind in its human resource management.

    2:32 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    12.32 court case details and evidence are always in the public arena. It didn't need to be "leaked"

    2:35 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "You just need to accept you don't fit the bill and move on"?

    Yes, let's all make sure the advertising industry continues with its own separate (ie non-existent)set of human-rights rules!

    Good on him. It's a lot braver to speak out than to keep your head down.

    3:25 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    9.25 Agencies don't think like that anymore. It's a 80's myth.

    10:54 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good on ya Drew, you deserve every cent. It's about time that someone decided to take a stand. This sort of thing has been going on too long!

    11:09 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Reading all this has reminded me that I need to get my contract updated. Thing is (like most creatives) I wouldn't know the first thing about that side of the business...

    What should one be looking to add to a standard contract? By this I mean things like redundancy... and whatever else anyone can suggest.

    Eg: Someone here just got made redundant, they'd been here 8 years, got nothing. To me this seems wrong - how can we protect against the usual crap agencies dish out?

    And yes, I could talk to a lawyer but that costs money.

    Any advice would be appreciated by me and other readers I'm sure.

    Anonymous (obviously).

    2:26 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    not spending money on proper legal advice could be an expensive mistake.

    but in lieu of that, try asking an agency finance person or, if you'd rather be more discrete, the anyone you know that works in HR at any big company. or even the citizen's advice bureau. head hunters might know as well.
    your colleague who got nothing after 8 years...there must be more to that story. as far as i know they have to give you one month's salary for each year employed if you're made redundant. but then again, i'm a creative and wouldn't know for sure. you're much better taking your advice from people that do know for sure instead of idle speculators like me.

    6:46 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Here are the Facts: You are all a sad bunch of PRICKS!!, you have nothing better to do with you day other than telling stories on the happenings at Ogilvy. Who gives a damm!!.. There was no one "Removing" the details of his court case from the NZHerald in the staff room!! You are all like a bunch of school children making notes on each other so you can post crap about them later.. You all need to get a life...

    1:27 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Whoa, someone call the exclamation mark police.

    12:02 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Citizens advice Bureau is pretty helpful and free for all sorts of law related grievances.

    4:40 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You just need to think of the staff retention (or lack of it) @ Ogilvy - who'd want to work there anyway!

    4:42 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1:27AM, that someone from Ogilvy management? Couldn't sleep? Not surprised really.

    5:35 PM NZDT


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