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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Lowe + Draft NZ’s campaign to launch Vodafone’s Broadband offering and vodem device was revealed this week.
The campaign includes the 45” ‘Liquid Freedom’ TVC, interactive campaigns to seed the offering among technology opinion leaders and the online public (www.vodem.co.nz & www.liquiding.co.nz), outdoor executions and a series of vodem skins in place of traditional magazine advertising.
The vodem is a small, stylishly designed mobile USB broadband modem that can be used on any computer, anywhere with 3G coverage.
Breaking with category conventions, the strategy to ‘market vodem like a modem’s never been marketed’ has resulted in a campaign which avoids the standard technological prattle and instead heads straight for the emotional jugular.
Lowe led the platform’s launch, creating the name ‘vodem’ which has been picked up internationally, designing the packaging for both the vodem and VMC PC card devices, and generating all advertising from television through to retail press.
The television commercial was dirrected by Richard Gibson via Luscious International and post produced at Emerald City in Sydney. The music featured in the commercial is an original track written by Elemeno P Guitarist Justyn Pilbrow and featuring vocal by Stellar*’s Boh Runga.

Creative Director: Josh Moore
Creative Planner: James Hurman
Art Director: Leisa Wall
Writer: Jane Jamieson
Interactive CD: Tom Markham
Head of TV: Jackie Clark
Director: Richard Gibson for Luscious International
Producers: Andrew Morris & Lucas Jenner
Post Production: Emerald City
Music: Justyn Pilbrow for Soundtrax
Making-of Director: Ant McPhail
Photography: Chris Lewis
Retouching: The Lounge
Skin Design: Steven Cicala


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the work?? Must be good.

10:24 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old people and businessmen breakdancing.


10:41 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work. Well done.

Really gay blurb to sell it to us though.

9:03 am NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cut the redtab off the end?

9:21 am NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice music, shame it wasn't shot (seemingly) in NZ - apart from the caravan with the AA signs, it looks like it could have come out of the USA.

Still, better than my TV ad. Oh yeah, haven't done one.

9:29 am NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's pretty hot. Isn't it just a cut down from the UK???? What does Lowe really have to do with it?

1:36 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it & the NZ made music.

1:44 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:36. "Isn't it just a cut down from the UK????" Read the credits. Made in NZ. And cool too.

PS. Is it just my imagination or are the word verifications getting longer?

2:30 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:03. I like the work, but the blurb's far too gay. It's a real shame to see good campaigns ruined with gay blurbs. As an industry we should all be committing to straightening up our blurbs.

2:37 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not from the UK - this is a homegrown production.

2:41 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how's this for extremely similar, from the music to the dancing etc...


"Future Shock: Late at Night
We encounter the twilight zone of nightshift workers, security guards, and bizarre late-night people; who all seem to have contracted some crazy body-popping dance.
Prod: academy
Record Label: EMI"

2:50 pm NZDT

Anonymous anon e mouse said...

try-hard and lacks an idea

4:02 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

love it..

4:40 pm NZDT

Anonymous jane said...

it is all shot in nz, see www.liquiding.co.nz to see how it was done.
good observation with the aa signs, anonymous! other nz clues include a hamilton road sign and a maori doll on the dashboard.

5:01 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

playstations 'mountain', nike's 'shadow running', honda's 'cog', stella's 'refreshingly elephants', the 'what are you sinking about?' ad, the 'adjust your trajectory! no! we're a lighthouse!' ad, catmur's story at that CD's thing last year... all appropriations of short films, music vids, stories, jokes from popular culture. are they legitimate appropriation or pagiarism?

9:49 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

2.41 PM - If it's such a "homegrown production" how come it was shot by Aussies and posted in Sydney? Was no-one up to it over here or did someone just want a shopping trip?

10:53 am NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plagiarism for the Honda ad.

3:27 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How's this for exremely similar, Levis Twisted, and a million other 'people dancing around' ads.

5:10 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget Levis 'Twisted'. What about Levi's 'Crazy Legs'. For fucks sake. It's driving me crazy. It's the same exact spot with the same exact proposition.

Jesus, at least steal from somewhere other than your own house.

Does anyone not remember. Shot by Spike Jonze. 2002. Look it up.

I'd smash the granny though.

11:19 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right 11.19. Shameless ripoff. It would have been simpler for Vodafone to just stick their logo on the end of the Levis spot.

5:56 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a fucking great track, great look and great idea.

It's night time and people are dancing strangely.

Levis crazy legs is about a guy with crazy legs.

Levis twisted is about people with limbs that twist and fall off.

No one's limbs twist off, no one's heads spin around and no one has crazy legs, this ad is simply about unlikely people dancing in a way not seen before.

I can sit with you and take you through it if you want - everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.


8:49 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is also very similar to the Volkswagen spot with Gene Kelly 'Singin in the rain'. I bet the VW ad was played to the client in in the presentation of the creative idea too.
In saying that, I think it's a cool ad, New Zealand will love it and it'll be another blow to Telecom. Good job

6:15 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's good job.

It's a great ad, a great track, really watchable, and light years ahead of the very ordinary Xtra-ordinaries. And it's perfect for the product.

To the guys who made it - ignore the bitching. People will always find fault with stuff.

10:03 am NZDT

Anonymous creativefikker said...

Everyone knows that when you're stuck for a great idea, you just watch piles of new music vids. That's where ground gets broken.

I love this Vodem ad.

would love to see the 'UK version' yous gabblin on about tho

can u post a link then

12:04 pm NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too obvious, when I think broadband, dancing is the first thing that comes to mind. Love the track.

12:13 pm NZDT

Anonymous Craig L said...

I like this alot.

Like others I assumed it was overseas work and was pleasantly surprised to find it was local.

IMO it's a good, simple idea pushed up a notch or two by excellent production.

It looks good on the telly.

As the odd-man-out on an account largely run by JWT internationally, Lowe will always have to actively prove they are worth keeping. Every campaign is effectively a pitch..

I think they won this one.

As to the plagarism thing, advertising is an odd beast.

It is okay to plagarise anything EXCEPT other ads. Half the ideas in the awards books are 'found gold' with a logo whacked on it: adidas skyscraper football, Sleepmaker 'Dancing Old Lady', basf 'signcards', you name it.

Who hasn't seen a thing on the internet and thought 'that would make a great ad for...? And if you haven't, it's nothing to be proud of.

Some very good creatives (Jay Furby for one, and he is a very, very good creative) make a carreer of it.

There are exceptions of course. Todd McCracken gets flayed for whacking lots of logos on an idea from outside advertisng, and a few others just blatently plagarise other ads and seem to have gotten away with it so far.

Anyway, well done Lowe and Richard Gibson.


10:18 am NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU IDIOTS! This is just a bad copy of Ne-O's video for Futureshock






3:19 pm NZDT

Anonymous Mr eel said...

Such a blantent rip of the Futureshock clip.

That it's well produced can't be denied, but christ what a bunch of fucking arseholes.

1:15 am NZDT

Anonymous Roland said...

I agree
This is rather lazy work.

Surely it must be easy to copy the idea
and use different locations or scenes ?
Not very clever.

Here is a link to the original video

Also I found this rather funny side by side comparison
of the two films

10:47 pm NZDT


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