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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Ogilvy Auckland has put to air a spot for AA that some might think echoes their previous award-winning style for L&P.

Creative Directors: Josh Lancaster and Jamie Hitchcock
Creative: Josh Lancaster and Jamie Hitchcock
Agency Producer: Nick Barnes
Director: Robin Walters
Producer: Seth Wilson
Production Company: Curious


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiwibank. NZI. 42 Below. Any others?

12:07 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

God....help them.

Ogilvy should have done a retail ad for it and thrown in heaps of price points. Would have worked better.

If i was Ogilvy i would not have put this on this site, i would have let it just slip through the cracks, turn the other way and blame it on the client.

Love the website tag on the end. You would have turned the tv off by then.

12:44 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything that didn't making it into one of their L&P ads, only done far worse for the AA. I guess they must be a one trick pony team after all.

12:46 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how long will it go on.

1:10 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I blame Daryl Parsons.

He did the first one so well, every cock and his side kick thinks they can do the same.

This fails on the Parsonmeter i'm sorry.

1:14 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They did L&P I heard it was a Junior team that did those. Heard they just put there names on it.

Sounds like wonder if they learnt that from DDB or was it the other way round?

1:22 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who was the client again? Indulgent back-slapping tosh.

1:31 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like wonder if you no learn the difference between their and there. Retard.

2:30 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:22 are you drunk? You're not making much sense and can't spell.

2:48 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:44 has obviously never had anything put up on the blog.

Work often appears here without anyone from the agency knowing.

How anyone in their right mind would put anything up on this slag fest site is beyond me.

4:33 PM NZDT

Blogger Geevan said...

Lets not argue these ads are for the besting of your economies. Imagine being in my country and writing a lips in cheek ad with humour, it would be difficult.

these men did their job and people from my country would love to visit yr country. Sadly I cannot afford it, that is why I ask for someone to look at my book for a possible advertising job in australasia.

Have a greatest day.

10:32 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

4.33 yes i agree, it's a bit ruff and people do get slapped about and career wise it is better to have stuff off it than on it.

I am lucky not to have any work on this site.

I think agencies should be advised before the work goes on the site. But that isn't how the media world works so... i spose the agencies are screwed really. It does make them lift there game, if they don't- they get nailed.

You would also be surprised how many clients view this site.

10:13 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

too much L&P makes you feel a bit sick

10:21 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^ I see what you did there.

Hacks r us?

3:21 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...


hack is a hack is a hack

3:28 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post one of your ads on the blog to be critiqued Geevan. If it's good, I'll make sure you get a job.

Neil French

3:52 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a shame, this is all a bit average. It's really well written and funny and it would be great if I hadn't seen it all before. Where are all good ads? I know it's prob been done before but the Fresh Up ad made me giggle...and no I don't work at Colenso.

6:27 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something makes me think they can write better than you. It could be your spelling. Or possible your grammarthat gives it away. Maybe both. Give them a call if you want - they are the sort of guys that would be more than happy to sit down give you a hand with your book.

11:27 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Geevan,

Please leave this humour to Borat.


10:48 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

um well, I guess it's L and P but not as good. Jamie and Josh are talented blokes but it feels like they've been hanging round Roy for too long. The old kiwi humour angle is good if done well but there's a lot of it round at the moment and most of it's better than this I'm afraid. The punters will prob love it so greg will be happy.

11:32 AM NZDT


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