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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


IdeaWorks Brisbane, with creative via its Sydney office, has released the next instalment in its campaign for Supercheap Auto featuring men who “just can’t get enough” of the auto retailer.
The commercial which launches in Australia and New Zealand this week, features a dad who rigs his family Christmas celebration so that he gets almost every gift – all of which are auto accessories.
Earlier ads in the series featured a man whose shed explodes under the weight of his purchases, and another customer who sends his son home from the store in a taxi because there isn’t enough room left in his car.
The campaign has helped generate strong sales for the retailer as well as incredible public support with many people calling and writing to Supercheap Auto’s headquarters to say how much they enjoy the new commercials.
IdeaWorks has also been working with Supercheap Auto to update its logo and print material, as well as redesigning a number of their stores.

Writer: Robin Feiner
Head of Art: Ryan Fallowfield
Creative Director: Jono McCauley
Agency Producer: Norma Johns
Director: Tim Bullock
Production Company: Prodigy
Producer: Suzanne Mallos
DOP: Bob Humphreys
Editor: Craig Wilson, Images Post
Post Production: Cutting Edge


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'...incredible public support with many people calling and writing to Supercheap Auto’s headquarters to say how much they enjoy the new commercials'.

What I find incredibe is that anyone other than the creative team, would write in to applaud such work.
I can't believe ordinary people in Oz or NZ enjoy seeing a Dad who is a selfish bastard. Does anyone on this blog find them in the slightest bit amusing? Or for that matter good ads? Perhaps it's because I'm a Dad, but they leave me cold.

8:44 PM NZDT

Anonymous no fixed abode said...

The ad is wallpaper. Not well written, not well shot, not well anything. The best thing about it is the jingle. How it found its way on here is beyond me.

As in this entire industry, most of the work that is recognised is done by a small group of people who scratch each other's backs. Not to say for one second that this ad is award material, but the point holds. The fact that it is even on here goes to show that it's not what, but who you know in this business.

10:14 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck that is shit. my nana could right a better script.
and as for the direction, fuck off.

there was a similar ad done for THE TIMES NEWSPAPER in london by Charles Ing under a christmas tree- makes this look like shit house.

god help them. i quit, had it with ads and are going to plant trees for the blind.


11:35 PM NZDT

Anonymous music guy said...

Has anyone noticed the similarity between Placebo's "Pure Morning" and the music on Vodafone's "Best Friends" ad? Or is that just completely obvious.... methinks a lawsuit is round the corner... instead of a "soundalike" it seems they got a "soundthesame".

10:15 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its shit. The prod company will have posted it up, to try and get more work, good luck. Its shit

11:31 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good retail advertising. There's my $0.02

1:05 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this on the NZ blog???

11:18 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:31 - please copy and paste a link to your latest work so we have something brilliant to compare this Supercheap ad to.

12:14 PM NZDT


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