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Thursday, November 16, 2006

YOUNG GUNS WINNERS @ ygaward.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear esteemed Mr Blog Person. Could you very kindly post this article as a new discussion on your blog. I do believe it merits it. Cheers.

Keep the bastards honest.

After several recent postings I have noticed the word being spread by the powers that be that you can be tracked via your IP address when on the web. Because this is a load of bullocks, I feel it my duty to educate all the lovely people on this blog on how to remain powerfully anonymous and completely untraceable. I know it's been floated as a warning - against internal dissent perhaps? But also, a certian ignoramus on the 'vodaphony' blog issued a sad empty threat by way of saying, "It'd be interesting to take that youtube vid to an IP lawyer and get their opinion on it." What a wanker. So this here, is a special dedication to that particular wanker, and everyone else out there wanting to out the abundance of creative media sluts in the NZ ad industry who do everything they can for a little attention. Nasty scams or copied work? Come on, it's so easy to out that team in the next office. Being a rat sometimes can be the most powerfully positive force in advertising. And contrary to popular belief, you can actually do it without a worry in the world.

For starters visit http://www.torrify.com/ and download the Torpark Browser. Here's a bit from the web site: "Download Torpark and put it on a USB Flash keychain. Plug it into any internet terminal whether at home, school, or public. Run Torpark.exe and it will launch a Tor circuit connection, which creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer indirectly to a Tor exit computer, allowing you to surf the internet anonymously. How much does Torpark cost? IT'S FREE." So, Torpark is basically an ingenious browser that does not reflect your IP address, and changes it's IP address every so often. You are effectively untraceable and there's no record because you're working off a portable USB drive and no info is stored on any computer. The only caveat being that it's needs a PC to work. But that's not a worry really, just hop around to that Cyber Cafe and out your smelly boss with confidence.

So theoretically, for the chap who want to do a nice side by side comparison of the next phony ad, well use Torpark, open an email account online anywhere, then using that register with youtube and viola! Good luck to the IP laywer, the FBI and CIA! Of course, Torpark is also an absolute essential for every creative person with a USB drive. That coupled with this blog empowers you to keep this industry in check. And it will keep the bastards honest.


- Happily anonymous. No need for fame. However those who do crave fame should be worried, but only if they're not honest.

2:41 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cheers Matty Burton

That is a great tip!!!

11:31 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with all the extra-long comments being posted? No one in this industry has an attention span that long

11:33 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:44 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Karen and Verity.

Only gold in NZ

2:16 PM NZDT

Anonymous Matty Burton said...

11.31 - Thankyou for thinking that I write like a moron.

You don't need a USB key. Just use a proxy, something like proxybig.com, anyone worth their weight in porn knows this.

I was actually on here to congratulate the Girls, Stacey and Rosita.

9th in the world.

You totally deserve it.


3:04 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Matty, second the congrats for the girls. Well done Stacey & Rosita!

8:47 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyine heard about the open brief results? 27th they said...

10:21 AM NZDT


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