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Friday, December 08, 2006


The inaugural World Press Awards, the brainchild of Neil French (left), have extended the deadline for entries to Friday, January 12th 2007. Entry forms are available only online at www.worldpressawards.com
Predictably, the World Press Awards had many requests for an extension to the November 30th deadline and since the entry-system is working so well, and the entry-collation organization in Singapore seems to be clicking along nicely, it's no big headache.
Remember, the jury panel for the World Press Awards is a formidable lot indeed. Pick up any creative awards book and you will stumble over their names again and again and again:
Jeremy Craigen – Executive Creative Director, DDB, London
Tham Khai Meng – Co-Chairman and Executive Regional Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Board
Marcello Serpa – Executive Creative Director, AlmapBBDO Brasil
Mark Tutssel – Worldwide Creative Director, Leo Burnett
Erik Vervroegen – Executive Creative Director, TBWA/Paris
Graham Warsop – Chairman and Executive Creative Director, The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa
Neil French (Unemployed ex-Creative Director of no particular interest)
All of them, without exception, have won every advertising creative award worth winning.
All of them, without exception, have propelled their agencies to a new level of creative excellence.
All of them, without exception, are brutal and hard on work that is derivative, trite and hackneyed.
Their individual credentials, not to mention their list of awards, would fill too many pages. Suffice then to say, each member of the jury was chosen for his talent, expertise and experience.
ENTRY KITS AVAILABLE ONLY AT www.worldpressawards.com
ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday, January 12th, 2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suffice then to say, each member of the jury was chosen for his talent, expertise and experience.

And for not being a chick, huh Neil?

12:45 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's this about Damon & Basil leaving Saatchi's to become joint CD's at Ogilvy?

Will there be anyone left in the S&S creative dept? Perhaps the poor guys on placement there may finally have their day in the sun.

4:01 PM NZDT


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