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Friday, February 16, 2007


Auckland DM shops AIM Proximity and Tequila rank seventh and ninth respectively in the world in the 2006 Won Report announced today. AIM Proximity is the highest ranking New Zealand agency and second in the whole Asia Pacific region.
Australasia created the top two campaigns in the world in 2006: Purina Friskies 'Milkoholics' via OgilvyOne Auckland was the second most awarded DM campaign in the world, behind #1 ranked Lowe Hunt Sydney's Lynxjet campaign.
The Won Report is the benchmark for success at international and national direct marketing awards.
The Won Report (www.wonreport.com) is a yearly analysis of the world’s major direct marketing and digital advertising awards, representing over 1000 award winners and hundreds of direct marketing agencies worldwide. International awards consulted include Cannes, The ECHOS, The Caples Awards, The One Show, New York Festivals, LIAA and D&AD.
The Won Report is modelled on the advertising world’s Gunn Report, and was inaugurated in 2003 by Patrick Collister, former Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, London, and founder of Creative Matters, UK.
Tequila Auckland is the highest ranked NZ office (Aim Proximity's total combines Auckland and Wellington). And despite not specialising in direct, partner agency TBWA\Whybin also made the top 50 list of direct agencies, at number 23. TBWA\Whybin and 180\TBWA’s “Be the Ball” campaign for adidas, was ranked at 35 on the list of the world’s most awarded direct work for 2006.
The combined points tally of TEQUILA\ and TBWA\Whybin would have placed the agencies at second in the world, and first in Australasia.
Overall, New Zealand fared well in the rankings, with multiple mentions.

Top 50 Agencies worldwide
1. CP Proximity, Spain 159pts
2. M&C Saatchi, Sydney 145
3. OgilvyOne, Germany 144
4. Shackleton Direct 131
5. Scholz & Friends, Germany 128
6. Craik Jones 124
7. AIM Proximity, New Zealand 120
8. Arc Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur 100
9. Tequila, Auckland 90
10. 20:20 London 82
11. Wunderman, Germany 78
12= Proximity, London 76
12= Draft FCB, London 76
12= Network BBDO, Johannesburg 76
15. Cosette Communications/Blitz Direct, Canada 75
16. Lowe Hunt, Sydney 74
17. Zapping Madrid 72
18. Arc London 71
19. Salem, Sao Paulo 70
20. OgilvyOne, New Zealand 69
21. OgilvyOne, London 68
22. OgilvyOne, Malaysia 67
23. TBWA/Whybin, Auckland, NZ 64
24. Leo Burnett, London 57
25. Story, Edinburgh 56
26. PKP Proximity, Vienna 54
27. Clemenger BBDO, New Zealand 53
28. Nordpol, Hamburg 51
29. BMF, Sydney 50
30. Harrison Troughton Wunderman, London 50
31. Tribal DDB, Germany 50
32. OgilvyOne, Beijing 46
33. Datamidi FCB, Brazil 44
34. Rapp Collins, Australia 42
35. OgilvyOne, Chile 41
36= Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore 40
36= OgilvyOne, Brazil 40
38. FCBi, Madrid 39
39= Proximity, Portugal 38
39= OgilvyOne, Spain 38
39= Proximity, France 38
39= DDB Germany 38
43. Kitcatt Nohr Alexander, London 36
44. Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg 35
45. Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney 34
46= Host, Australia 32
46= Crispin Porter Boguski, Miami, USA 32
46= The Martin Agency, USA 32
49. BBDO Campaign, Germany 32
50. TBWA, Germany 31

Top 50 direct marketing campaigns of 2006
1. LynxJet Unilever Lowe Hunt, Sydney 74
2. Milkoholics Purina Friskies, OgilvyOne, Auckland 68
3. Cameraphone Teenage Road Safety Leo Burnett, London 52
4. 24: The Game Sony Playstation 20:20, London 50
5. Serendipity Glenmorangie Story, Edinburgh 48
6. Both Sides Malaysian Airlines Arc, Kuala Lumpur 45
7. Wrong Job jobsintown.de Scholz & Friends, Berlin 37
8. Whinging Poms British Council M&C Saatchi, Sydney 35
9. Change your boiler CEPSA Shackleton Direct, Madrid 34
10. Carbon Women’s Aid Organisation Arc, Kuala Lumpur 33
11. Break Virgin Travel Network BBDO, Joburg
12. Paperclips Alfa Romeo Arc, London
13. MINI Movies MINI AIM Proximity, NZ
14. Kinsei Helsinki ASICS Nordpol, Hamburg
15. Frank & Gordon Bell Cossette, Canada
16. Party Coruba Rum, WRC, New Zealand
17. I am for sale Audi A4 CPC Proximity, Spain
18. Cancer research Bench OgilvyOne, London
19. NY Carbon Copy Channel 5 20:20, London
Flash Hunk Procter and Gamble Flash Arc Worldwide, London
20. Awareness National Phobics Society HT Wunderman, London
21. IBM Replicant Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney
22. Custominise BMW Iberia Shackleton Direct, Madrid
23. Real Antiques Lufthansa Wunderman, Germany
24. Not Funny BBC TV Licence Proximity, London
25. Jason Donovan Virgin Mobile Host/The Glue Society
26. Bootscraper ASB Bank, Tequila, Auckland
27. Stolen Glasses Tooheys BMF, Sydney
28. Lost Souls INBEV, Stella Artois Draft FCB, London
29. Page Turner Singapore Navy Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore
30. Revival Project S,.A,Damm CP Proximity, Spain
31. Short but Fun VW Polo DDB, Berlin
32. Pick out your home Emaar Properties, Dubai Promoseven Dubai
33. The Incredibles Buena Vista International Zapping, Madrid
34. Oxfam I’m In campaign Draft FCB, London
35. Be The Ball Adidas, TBWA/Whybin, Auckland
36. Textual Harrassment Sony, France Proximity, Paris
37. Communique SA Museum Salem, Sao Paulo
38. Sock First Direct Craik Jones, London
39. Chainsaw Mailing Bosch Scholz & Friends, Berlin
40. Almanac Guinness/Diageo OgilvyOne, Malaysia
41. Claro Club Claro Salem, Sao Paulo
42. Christmas Gift Bola Amiga Leo Burnett, Portugal
43. The Book with Eyes Club de Creativos Espana Zapping, Madrid
44. Amnesty Body Bag OgilvyOne, Frankfurt
45. Perfect Account Man MODS Akestam Holst, Stockholm
46. Lonely Finger SABC Network BBDO, Johnannesburg
47. Blood Box Australian red Cross M&C Saatchi, Sydney
48. Pirate DVD Anti-Piracy Foundation TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Johannesburg
49. A to Z ANZ Bank Rapp Collins, Melbourne
50. Bulldog Clips Land Rover Craik Jones, London

Top Australian/New Zealand agencies
1. M&C Saatchi, Australia 145pts
2. AIM Proximity, New Zealand 120
3. Tequila, New Zealand 90
4. Lowe Hunt, Australia 74
5. OgilvyOne, New Zealand 69
6. TBWA/Whybin, New Zealand 64
7. Clemenger BBDO, New Zealand 53
8. BMF, Sydney 50
9. Rapp Collins, Australia 42
10. Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney 34


Anonymous Anonymous said...

crikey, that's a lot of information... well... it is DM after all.

12:38 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four days before the inevitable sarcastic anti-DM comment appears. Times must be changing.

8:26 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you put that in an envelope and send it to me?

10:05 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be The Ball is direct?



HEY, they could put a price on the end and call it retail too! Or make a Quicktime of it and call it viral. Pah!

10:27 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's telling that Milkoholics didn't even make the finals list for Axis DM.

9:30 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The day you can do scam direct is the day it scores at Caxis.

10:46 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's a direct free kick, of course.

8:29 AM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Legit DM almost never makes the finals at Axis. Because the Old Englishmen just don't get it. Mind you, they're not young, so they'll all be dead soon.

6:12 PM NZDT


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